Our pillars of financial services and the energy industry are key to systematic strategic development. Thanks to this, we have room in the real estate areas for further investments with long-term growth potential.

Investment Goal

The investment goal of FORCE Capital is the continuous appreciation of the funds invested by the founders and investors of the group. We focus on areas that we understand in detail. The projects that we perceive as those with a high added value are selected for the FORCE Capital portfolio. We check the main operating principles of individual companies, manage their cash flow, and help them to achieve their goals.

FORCE Capital's activities can be essentially divided into 3 basic investment groups according to individual fields of activity.

Financial Services

We provide professional solutions for those searching for project financing in the fields of real estate, energy industry, or financing of operational needs. We have assembled a team of corporate banking experts to address each sector. Acting as the projects’ strategic investor, we combine banking and private equity.

Energy Industry

We produce electricity from renewable water and solar sources. In addition to our assets, our technology team also manages 30 MW of other portfolios. Regarding know-how and experience, we have top experts in the team holding several technological patents. They focus primarily on servicing solar inverters and degrading panel solutions.

Real Estate

We actively participate in the implementation of development projects, also as a co-investor (Joint Venture), while maintaining full control over the principles and course of the economic plan. We want the projects supported by this platform to be not only economically meaningful and sustainable but also modern, energy-efficient and meeting the current user needs. We focus mainly on the Prague metropolis and its surroundings.

,,The secret to success in life is to make your vocation your vacation.“

Ondřej Čuba, Founder & CEO at FORCE Capital


Leaders portfolio companies


Ondřej Čuba
Fouder & CEO at FORCE Capital
Co-Founder, Board Member at FLATIRON Capital


Martin Řezáč
Co-Founder, Board Member at FLATIRON Capital


Petr Kutáč
Managing Director at CO CORPORATE


Jiří Paták
Co-Founder at LUSQ


Jáchym Petřík
Co-Founder at LUSQ


Vojtěch Sucharda
Co-Founder at LUSQ


Michal Mundl
Co-Founder at LUSQ


Jan Chlístovský
Head of Engineering at SOLARWAT
Head of Engineering at MVE Hamr


Milan Hruška


Petr Hruška
Managing Director at SOLARWAT


Vít Šilhavý
Corporate Lawyer at FORCE Capital



Kamil Hosnedl
Relationship Manager at FLATIRON Capital
Credit Analyst at CO CORPORATE


Marián Drgo
TOP 3 Senior Sales Manager at CO CORPORATE


Klára Víšek Nejdlová
TOP 3 Senior Sales Manager at CO CORPORATE


Jan Fencl
TOP 3 Senior Sales Manager at CO CORPORATE


Radek Pajič
Sales Manager at LUSQ


Renata Jirásková

Renata Jirásková
Social Media Specialist at FORCE Capital


Martina Sabolová
Customer Service Manager at FLATIRON Capital
Business Support at CO CORPORATE

Organizational Structure