Investing activities

The group's investing activities are handled via subsidiaries owned by the FORCE CAPITAL holding company. The holding company deals with capital management, determines various investment strategies, and at the same time offers investments in our group to qualified investors.

Investments are characterized by a clear investment horizon and a fixed income. The FORCE CAPITAL investment program brings together the funds of the main partners, our managers, and the funds of new investors.

We use all the valuable experience gained through the management of firms in the FORCE Capital holding company to select our investments. This way, we focus on a field that we understand well.

  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Development
  • Electricity Generation

Our investment group has all three essential building blocks for creating a high quality and safe portfolio:

  • Understanding           of the market and financial management. We only do what we understand.
  • Experience      from the past. Thanks to many years of experience, we have gained an overview of and an inspiration for functional types of business models.
  • The time                      that the group invested in careful preparation and analysis of the projects.

We always invest only in our own actual projects, which we manage ourselves and which we stand for. With control must also come responsibility, which is crucial to everything we do. We invest not only a great part of our own funds in the projects, but often also funds that one of the banking institutions lent us.


Investment Goal Analysis

The construction of an investment portfolio requires a thoughtful and detailed planning process. It is necessary to consider the potential investment amount and set an investment horizon. We will also discuss your experience of the market of qualified investors and your attitude to investment risk.



By applying the return/risk profile, we help the investor with creating an asset allocation strategy.
By choosing from our investment options, we allocate the clients’ assets so that they can achieve the expected return.


Regular Reports and Client Service

The process of mutual cooperation does not end with the invested amount. If fact, that is only the beginning. Our responsibilities include monitoring the investment, regular profit payments according to the choice of investment product, and providing reports at various intervals (typically semi-annually). It always depends on the investors and their needs.